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BS Maritime Systems and Processes

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 6 semesters
Cost From 8000 HRK per year

This study can be taken by students having finished the undergraduate level of PSP study. The study complies with the most recent international technological trends development and implementation of maritime science in practice. The study educates highly professional personnel in the field of maritime affairs for scientific and professional work on the jobs of managing, modelling and maintaining maritime organisational, information-communicational, power engineering, engineering and transport systems and processes in shipping, safety of maritime traffic and international shipping lanes, management of shipping and other maritime organisations and ports, as well as ecological maritime systems and protection of sea environment.

Structural components
Industry partners
Internship/Workplace experience
International component
Practical/Field work
Language training

ISCED Categories

Project management
Personal skills and communication
Maritime economy
Policy and governance
Logistics and shipping management
Marine and maritime law
Physical and chemical oceanography
Scientific modelling
Naval engineering
Marine spatial planning
Near- and offshore constructions
Maritime security
Navigation and seamanship
Environmental protection technology