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Mobile Manipulators for Internal Logistics



Course format Online
Date 2024-06-11 - 2024-06-12
Duration 2 days. DAY1 9:00-17:30, DAY2 9:00-16:00
Cost free

This training is part of a series of courses offered by Mari4_YARD, an EU funded project that leverages the potential of Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and ubiquitous ICT tools, and robotics to develop user-centric solutions for flexible and modular manufacturing and thus implement a novel connected shipyard. 

This training activity gives an introduction to the deployment of mobile manipulators in the context of shipbuilding intra-logistics operations. With the help of theoretical and hands-on sessions, this training activity ranges from basic concepts of robotics to setting up, mapping, and programming a mobile manipulator at INESC TEC’s learning factory.

The training is divided into 5 modules:

  1. Mobile Robot Navigation System Configuration: This module aims to present the entire process of installing and configuring a mobile robot from scratch. From mapping a new space using SLAM algorithms to defining trajectories.
  2. OSPS – Open Scalable Production System: This module aims to acquaint learners with the OSPS stack and teach them to use it for skill-based robot programming.
  3. Robotic Grasping 101: This module will present a theoretical background in automated grasping tasks, giving a general overview of sensing and handling object techniques from hardware to software perspectives.
  4. Robotic Grasping Hands-on: The current module presents to the participants a hands-on section allowing the deployment of a robotic grasping application based on the developed system in the context of the Mari4_Yard project.
  5. AR-based Human-Robot Interaction: This training session will cover the basics of extended reality and human-robot interaction, including theoretical background and use of an AR application in a head-mounted display. Throughout the module, participants will work on hands-on exercises that will help them gain practical experience in programming, deploying, and running a complete task on a collaborative robot without coding. They will also have the knowledge and skills to continue exploring and building upon what they have learned as they program new robot programs.


  •  Overview on robotics for intra-logistics
  • Theoretical background on mobile manipulation
  • Mobile platform set up
  • Robotic arm setup
  • Skill-based programming
  • AR for human-robot interface

Note that the training is synchronous, and participants can join both online and on-site.


ISCED Categories

Logistics and shipping management