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EMBRC Science days 2024

Work meeting
organised by EMBRC
27 - 30 May 2024


Gournes, GR


The EMBRC Science Days will be held in Gournes (Crete, Greece) from Monday 27 to Thursday 30 May 2024.

EMBRC-ERIC offers accommodation (hotel Aelius until Friday 31 May), coffee breaks and lunch for 5 participants per node.

Below, you can find a brief summary of the content for the breakout sessions during the EMBRC Science Days in Crete.


Breakout sessions will start on Wednesday 29 May (morning) and run until Thursday afternoon (30 May). You can see these sessions as workshops, switching topics is not recommended, as you will be entering an ongoing workshop.


We hope this information can be useful to select the participants for your node. Please make sure that delegates are actually registered before the deadline. 


The Model Organisms focus group aims to bring together a community of experts from EMBRC ERIC in an attempt to share knowhow and knowledge from the many labs currently working with weird and wonderful marine organisms. One aim will be to combine our knowledge and expertise to move forward as a community to not only speed progress in the development of molecular tools for your favorite model organism, but as a community we may be also be able obtain funding that would not be possible on our own to further develop tools in marine model organisms.


During this workshop, we will focus on core facilities, which are strategic building blocks for professionalising access in EMBRC, attract industry and drive innovation. In this workshop the definition of CF will be given, a mapping of CFs within EMBRC will be performed and clusters of expertise will be identified. Industrial engagement through CFs will be discussed.


Biological Resource Centres (BRCs) include all services within EMBRC that provide access to organisms and experimental facilities to users (aquarium services, culture collections, sample collections, etc.). The BRC workshop will involve definition of a roadmap for the BRC working group, including presentation/discussion of opportunities for development/harmonisation of databases, technologies and standard operating procedures, terms and conditions of use and material transfer agreements, cost calculations/tariffs, quality management systems and staff exchanges and training.

·        ARMS – EMO BON

We expect to receive three large batches with sequences from the EMO BON sampling campaigns 2022-2023. The meeting on ARMS / EMO BON will be used to prepare the data management, the data publication, and the scientific analyses of these data. We will also discuss how to we get organized efficiently within and between the three EMO BON groups for Ha, Wa, and So.

These topics are carefully chosen in the light of the activities that contribute strongly to the implementation of the EMBRC Science Strategy at the national and international level.


Please register at EMBRC Science days 2024 before 2024/03/29. Any late registrations will not be accepted.


We hope to see many of you in Crete!