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IOC/OTGA/EMODnet: Contributing datasets to EMODnet Biology 2023



Course format Online
Date 2023-11-27 - 2025-05-09
Duration 20 hours self paced
Cost no costs

The EMODnet Biology/EurOBIS team created the course as a means to assist data providers in understanding the project and its interaction with other international initiatives like OBIS and GBIF, and to provide step-by-step training in data reformatting and quality control ahead of submission. Upon completion of the course, data providers should be able to independently standardize their data to Darwin Core and resolve any quality issues.

At the end of this training, learners should be able to:

  • Gain understanding of the EMODnet Biology project and how it interlinks with other European and international initiatives in the field of biodiversity knowledge.

  • Recognize the importance of sharing biological data, taking into account the FAIR principles.

  • Develop skills to correctly format biological data to EMODnet Biology and EurOBIS formats.

  • Gain knowledge on the required quality control steps and on the importance of interoperability.


ISCED Categories

Policy and governance