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Industrial Engineering and Management

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 6 semesters
Cost UE/EEA 2314 €/year Non-UE/EEA 11650 €/year

IEM is a real engineers' degree, in which you learn to translate new industrial techniques into practical solutions, such as a more sustainable production process or new products.

In the Bachelor’s degree programme in Industrial Engineering and Management (Technische Bedrijfskunde in Dutch), you learn how to analyse problems and develop, design and apply solutions. You are first and foremost trained to become an industrial engineer, and you learn to look at the applicability of your solutions in the business world.

After all, a technical solution can only be effectively implemented if you have thoroughly tested its feasibility. Renewable energy comes in many forms such as wind energy, solar energy, energy from biomass, which is applied directly on the power grid or indirectly used in applications such as hydrogen or other biofuels. What is the best way to apply these forms of renewable energy? Which method is not only most efficient, but also the most cost-effective and suitable for a certain situation? These are examples of the types of questions that you will encounter during your programme and further career.

Grant opportunities

The university is committed to recognizing excellence in academic achievement through offering a number of scholarships for international students and researchers. Several scholarships are available for international students who are motivated to study Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes, as well as for exchanges, short courses and research stays at our university.


  • VWO Nature & Technology or
  • VWO Nature & Health and Maths B or
  • VWO Economics & Society and Maths B or
  • VWO Culture & Societyand Maths B

ISCED Categories

Offshore and renewable energy