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Electrical Sustainable Energy Systems



Course format On-site
Date 2023-09-04 - 2024-01-11
Duration 1 semester

The Electrical Sustainable Energy Systems (ESES) minor presents the students with a comprehensive insight into the fundamental aspects related to electrical power generation from renewable energy sources, the principles of electric power conversion and storage, energy efficiency, reliability, cyber-security, and intelligent grid management.


Be in the tird year of bachelor degree

Application procedure

There are different application procedures and dates depending if you are a national student or an international student.

Grant opportunities

TU Delft offers several study, research and internship grants for which you can apply for

Learning outcomes

  • Provide simple physical tools to estimate the potential of renewable energy sources in reference to electric power supply.
  • Analysis of the performance of systems for transmission, distribution, and storage of electrical energy.
  • Design on paper of a renewable system powered by solar and wind energy.
  • Design of smart grid solutions for sustainability problems.


ISCED Categories

Offshore and renewable energy