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Energie Electrique pour le Développement Durable (Electric Energy for Sustainable Developement )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 2 semesters
Entry level Bachelor
Cost National/EU student:243€ International student:15.000€

The objectives of this one year program are to provide students with a deeper understanding of the electrical renewable energy, and the challenges to integrate them in the future electric distribution systems. Focus is also on the design and control of electric transportation systems. Fundamentals of power electronic, machine design and control, smart grids are covered to impart a better knowledge of recent developments in this field, and to understand the societal and environmental challenges of the future.
Global warming and shortage of conventional energy sources promote the use of so-called green energy such as wind, tide or solar energy. However many issues remain such as availability, stability and interaction of heterogeneous sources connected to the grid. Moreover, the growing use of power electronics that is required to control the safe and reliable power transfer toward the end-user introduces new stresses on the grid that need to be addressed.

Application procedure

Application through online platform:

Learning outcomes

This increasing complexity demands optimized at every level, from the design of the component to the complete architecture, from the local control to the global strategies. This supposes to develop innovative tools to address forecasting, global control strategies at the system level, as well as advanced methodologies for characterization and modelling of such electrical systems.
The content of the master is therefore to give to the student the essential tools to address the current issues, but also the knowledge of the state of the art research in the field in order to propose innovative solutions.


Bachelor's degree (licence) in related field or equivalent diploma in a relevant discipline.

• Required at least Intermediate English proficiency (B1, B2)

ISCED Categories

Offshore and renewable energy