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Fisic le Fuinneamh ná Comhshaol (Physics with Energy & Environment )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost National/EU student:3.819€/year International student:13.500€/year

Many aspects of our economy and lifestyles depend increasingly on our ability to manage our energy needs and our environment. Challenges include energy production, management and distribution, sustainability, environmental monitoring and measurement, and the associated technologies.
Physics plays a crucial role in all of these areas. Physicists develop innovative technologies for these and other areas such as renewable energy, atmospheric monitoring, the green economy and many more.
If you’re interested in this course, and the applications of physics to energy and environment, you need to have an aptitude for science and a keen interest in physics. 

Application procedure

Application directly through Applications System:

Grant opportunities

HEA Free Fees Scheme (FFI): the Irish Exchequer will pay tuition fees to the University on behalf of students registered for the first time on qualifying, full-time, undergraduate degree programmes.
SUSI - Student Universal Support Ireland:
Application through:
The award or denial of this grant is completely dependant upon the Student Grant Appeals Body 

Learning outcomes

Gaduate Job Titles:
• Research Scientist
• Environmental Physicist
• Energy Production
• Management
• Teaching 


Graduates of Level 5 education, or equivalent.

Pass a minimum of 6 subjects in the Leaving Certificate, two of them H5, with a minum grade of O3/H7 in maths and O6/H7 in three other subjects including English
QQI (Quality Qualifications of Ireland) FET (Further Education Training) full Level 5 or 6 award with three distinctions, one in the following: C20138 or C20174 or C20175 or 5N1833 or 5N18396 or 5N0556 or 6N3395 or B20029 or 5N2066 or C20139 or 4N2138 or N33029 or 5N16654 or O5/H7 in Leaving Certificate Maths
• If English is not your first language you will need to provide evidence of your English language proficiency
• CAO score of 395 Points or more

ISCED Categories

Offshore and renewable energy