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Introduction to Blue Economy

Intro to Blue Economy



Course format Online
Date 2023-01-01 - 2025-01-01
Duration 1 hours video tutorial

Intro to Blue Economy

The “Blue” in “Blue Economy” stands for the seas and oceans. As a vital component of Europe’s coastal economies, oceans can also contribute to our continent’s overall prosperity. They can produce investment, jobs and economic growth. The Blue Economy includes, among others, economic activities that are:

  • Marine based such as capture fisheries and aquaculture, ocean energy, shipping, maritime transport and maritime tourism
  • Marine related such as seafood processing, marine biotechnology, shipbuilding and repair, port activities and coastal tourism

Learn about these sectors; their job market, career pathways, job examples, wages and job opportunities in the Blue Economy Webinar!


ISCED Categories

Ocean Literacy
Policy and governance
Marine and maritime law
Conservation and environmental management
Offshore and renewable energy
Marine spatial planning
Coastal and marine tourism