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Course format On-site
Date 2023-06-22 - 2023-06-23
Duration 13H

At these meetings, firefighters, trainers and researchers seek to develop a learning and exchange environment where they can discuss and reflect on topics such as indoor fire behavior, firefighting methodologies, leadership skills and techniques, hygiene, health, prevention, safety, etc.

These topics, which are part of the daily activity of the emergency teams, are analyzed with the aim of advancing with society in the search for improved sustainability, proposing an active impulse for the improvement of the sector, valuing new contributions and facing new challenges.

Each meeting also addresses issues related to firefighter safety, as the cornerstone on which all the systems and procedures used by the firefighting services should be based.

The results obtained in this workshop are reflected worldwide with the adoption of safer, more sustainable and efficient work behaviors and procedures.

All the conclusions will be disseminated by the emergency training centers and their CFBT trainers, committed to the most recent and adjusted pedagogical processes and teaching methods for good learning.


ISCED Categories

Environmental protection technology
Offshore and renewable energy
Near- and offshore constructions
Maritime security