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Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology) (Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology) )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost $9,483 for 1 yr full-time

Course information

Gain extensive hands-on experience exploring coastal ecosystems and marine environments in an area that has some of the highest biodiversity in Australia. Learn how to sustainably manage precious marine environments with Deakin’s Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology).

A unique opportunity to study marine biology surrounded by some of the best natural marine and coastal environments in Australia.

The Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology) is offered at our Warrnambool Campus on the banks of the Hopkins River estuary at the western end of the Great Ocean Road.

Learn in the environment and benefit from extensive practical experience through fieldwork in natural marine environments and ecosystems along the Victorian coast, offering a distinct advantage over marine biology students studying elsewhere. Conduct fieldwork in estuaries, intertidal rocky shores, shallow marine habitats and sandy beaches, and develop professional skills in modern scientific research methods, ecological impact assessments and marine and coastal management.

Through this exposure to real-life experiences, you will discover the great diversity that exists in coastal and oceanic ecosystems, and learn how to use scientific methods and tools to sustainably manage precious marine environments and resources, relevant to both Australia and overseas.

You’ll also have the opportunity to leverage our extensive industry connections to undertake volunteer projects and placements with government and non-government organisations including:

  • Parks Victoria
  • Catchment Management Authorities
  • aquaculture industries
  • environmental consultants
  • aquariums
  • Queenscliff Marine Discovery Centre

Placements allow you to kickstart your career by networking with potential employers. For those looking to expand their global network, there are also opportunities to gain a broader view of the world by electing to study and volunteer overseas.

This course has a strong ecological focus, linking biological and oceanographic processes in the study of marine environments. You’ll learn about a range of marine and coastal ecosystems from coral reefs to icebergs, estuaries to oceans, and surf zones to the deep abyss. Through fieldwork you’ll also directly observe, and investigate, how marine ecosystems function, how marine organisms interact with their living and non-living environments, and how we can identify and measure human impacts on these environments. This will prepare you for the challenges you’ll face after graduation so you can enter the workforce with the skills needed to tackle industry problems.

Level 1 - Trimester 1

Level 1 - Trimester 2

Plus one elective unit

Level 2 - Trimester 1

Level 2 - Trimester 2

Plus one elective unit

Level 3 - Trimester 1

Plus one elective unit

Level 3 - Trimester 2

Plus two elective units

* available at Warrnambool campus from 2021

# Must have successfully completed STP010 Career Tools for Employability (0 credit point unit

Structural components
Internship/Workplace experience
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work

ISCED Categories

Conservation and environmental management
Marine spatial planning