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Engenharia e Gestão de Energia na Indústria e Edifícios (Engineering and Energy Management in Industry and Buildings )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)

Portuguese, Portugal

Duration 4 semesters
Cost National students: 800 €/year; International students: 1980 €/year

The Master in Engineering and Energy Management in Industry and Buildings (MEGE) aims to train specialists in Auditing and Energy Management, with a special focus on Services, Industry and Transport Buildings, taking into account the requirements set out in the Energy Certification System of Buildings, Intensive Energy Consumption Management System (essentially industry) and Energy Consumption Management Regulations for the Transport Sector.

Grant opportunities

Every year, the SAS/IPS award non-refundable scholarships, which aim to help finance the expenses inherent in attending higher education for needy students (tuition, accommodation, food, transport or school supplies).

Learning outcomes

  • Energy Audit
  • Technical Energy Management
  • Energy Efficiency in Industry and Transport Buildings
  • Renewable energy
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy Modeling
  • Conducting and Maintenance of Energy Systems
  • Project Evaluation and Management


  • Holders of a bachelor's degree or legal equivalent in areas of science or engineering in general, with preference for graduates in Mechanical Engineering-Energy Branch and Bachelors in Energy Technologies.
  • Holders of a foreign higher academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process by a state adhering to this process
  • Holders of a foreign higher academic degree that is recognized as satisfying the objectives of the bachelor's degree
  • Holders of a scientific or professional school curriculum, which is recognized as attesting the ability to carry out this cycle of studies

ISCED Categories

Environmental protection technology
Offshore and renewable energy