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Mecânica e Informática Industrial (Mechanics and Industrial Informatics )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)

Portuguese, Portugal

Duration 6 semesters
Cost National students: 697 €/year; International students: 1300 €/year

The Degree in Mechanics and Industrial Informatics is oriented to respond to the growing challenges of Industry 4.0, where the role of industrial informatics is increasingly preponderant in the integration, control and management of mechanically based production processes. With a qualified teaching staff in the areas of Mechanics, Electronics and Informatics, supported by adequate workshop and laboratory resources, this degree aims to train highly qualified staff, providing these graduates with a strong applied and versatile technological knowledge, decisive for the competitiveness and productivity of the modern industry.

Learning outcomes

The Degree in Mechanics and Industrial Informatics provides a highly qualified and differentiating training in the current context of transformation and modernization of the industry. This is an innovative course whose learning objectives are aligned with the European strategy for industry 4.0.
The training provided is based on scientific and technological bases, allowing future graduates to enter and progress in a competitive and demanding job market.
Graduates in Mechanics and Industrial Informatics have excellent versatility and career prospects in view of the current and future trend of companies that are increasingly betting on technology. Areas especially receptive to these graduates are Mechanics, Electronics and Information Technology and any and all integration of these, including production, maintenance, robotics, transformation (production) of energy and energy efficiency, among others.


Entrance exams:
Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry

ISCED Categories

Machinery and operators