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Master of Science in Marine Biology

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 6 semesters
Cost 100/unit + 1000/lab semester

The Master of Science in Biology is a consortium program of the Federation of Institutions for Marine and Freshwater Sciences.


  1. To establish an independent center for the development of instruction, research, and extension program in Marine Sciences in the Visayas and Mindanao.

  2. To upgrade manpower and facilities of member institutions enabling them to offer a graduate program at the masteral level and ultimately to aptly provide them with the capabilities to develop an internationally recognized institution offering a Ph.D. degree program.

  3. To promote an atmosphere of cooperation and coordination among member institutions concerned with the development of marine science.

  4. To provide a channel to share and exchange physical and human resources in areas of common interests in marine science among member institutions.

Degree Requirements

To qualify for the M.S. in Marine Biology degree, the student must:

  1. Successfully complete a minimum of 37 units course work specified in his program of study with a grade point average of 2.0 or better.
  2. Successfully defend orally a thesis proposal and a thesis before a panel.
  3. Present his thesis in a seminar.

A. Core Courses (15 units)

Advanced Research Methodology (3 units)

Biological Oceanography (3 units)

Physical Oceanography (3 units)

Chemical Oceanography (3 units)

Biostatistics (3 units)

B. Cognate Courses (minimum of 6 units)

Microtechnique (3 units)

Advanced Parasitology (3 units)

Advanced Genetics (3 units)

Developmental Biology (3 units)

Advanced Invertebrate Zoology (3 units)

Ichthyology (3 units)

C. Major Courses (minimum of 9 units)

Advanced Systematics (3 units)

Marine Microbiology (3 units)

Marine Planktonology (3 units)

Advanced Marine Ecology (3 units)

Marine Ecosystems (3 units)

Marine Productivity (3 units)

Marine Pollution (3 units)

Marine Toxicology (3 units)

Morphology and Physiology of Marine Animals (3 units)

Morphology and Physiology of Marine Plants (3 units)

Marine Resource Management (3 units)

Mariculture (3 units)

Fisheries Biology (3 units)

Marine Methodology (3 units)

D. Other Required Courses (7 units)

Seminar in Marine Biology (1 unit)

Masteral Thesis (6 units)


Structural components
Laboratory training
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Physical and chemical oceanography