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Auditorias Energéticas – Medições Elétricas em Quadros Elétricos (Energy Audits - Electrical Measurements in Electrical Panels )


Portuguese, Portugal

Course format On-site
Date 2023-06-30 - 2023-07-01
Duration 12 hors
Cost 270 + VAT

Taking as a practical case the electrical installation of the ecotermolab Laboratory, where the training takes place, electrical measurements will be carried out in the general framework, complying with the procedures and good safety practices and using the appropriate equipment, tools and individual protections.


Qualified Experts (PQ)
Technicians Responsible for Operation
Technicians Responsible for Exploring Electrical Installations
Energy Auditors
Energy Measurement and Verification Technicians
Maintenance Technicians

Grant opportunities

10% on two or more registrations from the same company.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the training you should be able to:
• Evaluate the safety conditions of the electrical installation and equipment and be intervened
• Evaluate the adequacy of the characteristics of portable equipment, tools and personal protection, in view of the electrical installation and type of intervention to be carried out
• Select the monitoring device depending on the information you want to obtain
• Correctly use the network analyzer, clamps, multimeters, turning them on and off according to the procedure and good practices transmitted
• Collect, treat and analyze the results obtained from the measurements taken


ISCED Categories

Offshore and renewable energy