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Manobras de Exploração e Manutenção em Celas de Média Tensão (Exploration and Maintenance Maneuvers in Medium Voltage Cells )


Portuguese, Portugal

Course format On-site
Date 2023-06-03 - 2023-06-03
Duration 8 hours
Cost 200 + VAT

This course aims to develop the technical skills necessary for the correct performance of operation and maintenance maneuvers in medium voltage cubicles, in accordance with the applicable technical and safety procedures.


Electrical engineers
Technical engineers specializing in electrical engineering
Maintenance Technicians
Technicians Responsible for Exploring Electrical Installations
Other Professionals interested in this topic

Grant opportunities

10% for graduates of the Transformation Stations – Operation, Inspection and Maintenance course.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the training session, the trainee should:
• Characterize the operating principles and use of modular cells in Medium Voltage
• Identify the electrical risks associated with handling this equipment and the precautions to be taken to ensure the protection of people, equipment and facilities
• Carry out exploration maneuvers in medium voltage cubicles in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions, the general circumstances of the installation, correctly using individual and collective protection means
• Perform verification and maintenance procedure in Medium Voltage cells


ISCED Categories

Machinery and operators