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Deftiq - ORE Course 8 - Policy



Course format Online
Date 2021-11-11 - 2050-01-01
Duration 8 hours
Cost 100 euro


This course teaches you about the use of policies in marine energy projects. Policies can be beneficial to your project in the long run, for they are a system of guidelines to aid decisions and achieve certain outcomes. Their applicability on both national and international scale creates endless possibilities. To give you a better understanding on the use of policies, this course will provide a clear overview of everything you need to get started.

Anytime, anywhere.


Target Audience

This ORE training package is targeted at a wide range of experts and professionals, including but not limited to:

  • Technology developers;    

  • Young entrants;      

  • Academics, researchers and consultants;

  • Policy makers.

Training program

This training will discuss in what way policies can be applied to marine energy projects. It will provide an overview of both challenges and opportunities on national and international scale, allowing for all relevant parties to acquire the information they need.

Participants of this course can expect to learn about and engage with:

  • the relevance of marine energy policy;

  • the (governmental) levels policy can be adopted by;

  • how policy can be applied;

  • the European policies applicable to the sector;

  • exemplary national policies;

  • the challenges that come with policies, both nationally and internationally;

  • adaptive policy interventions; a framework to embed policy in marine energy development.


ISCED Categories

Personal skills and communication
Ocean Literacy
Offshore and renewable energy
Marine spatial planning