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Deftiq - ORE Course 4 - Transport, Installation and Operation & Maintenance



Course format Online
Date 2021-11-11 - 2050-01-01
Duration 8 hours
Cost 100 euro


Our course 'Transport, installation, maintenance and decommissioning' will take you through the life cycle of a marine energy converters and teach you all there is to know about each respective step in this long and complicated process. From getting a marine energy device out to sea, to figuring out the most sustainable means of granting a device a second life: we will take you through all the practical tools and information that you need to make each step run smoothly.


Target Audience

Our ORE training package is targeted to a wide range of experts and professionals, including but not limited to:

  • Technology developers;

  • Young professionals, entrants and students;

  • Consultants;

  • Academics, researchers and testing faciltities;

  • Other potential ambassadors.


Learning objectives:

Participants of this course can expect to learn about and engage with:

  • the general installation process of marine energy devices;

  • the concept ‘waiting on weather’;

  • various transportation methods;

  • different types of vessels to be used in the installation, transportation, maintenance and decommissioning;

  • various maintenance methods and the activities they entail;

  • estimating and reducing O&M costs;

  • O&M modeling;

  • the decommissioning process.


ISCED Categories

Personal skills and communication
Ocean Literacy
Offshore and renewable energy
Marine spatial planning