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Floating Wind training course (online)



Course format Online
Date 2023-05-03 - 2023-05-03
Duration 2 sessions of 2 hours from 09:00 - 11:00 hours and 11:30 - 13:30 hours
Cost 560

DNV is presenting a half day introduction course about floating offshore wind covering the market, the technology and project phases from design to operation. 

The next phase of the energy transition demands committed implementation of new technologies. Floating offshore wind is opening new possibilities for wind power locations and will play a critical role in the transition to a cleaner energy supply, contributing significantly to an increase in offshore wind power. According to DNV, the technology is predicted to grow worldwide, rising from the around 100 MW today to more than 10 GW in 2030 and 260 GW in 2050. 

Led by our team of world leading experts in floating offshore wind and augmented by DNV’s 14 years’ experience in this area, this half day course will provide attendees the basic knowledge to succeeded with this new and promising technology.

The training will be “inter-active” meaning that participants are asked to send their questions in advance of the course and have further opportunities during and at the end of the sessions to file questions to the trainers.

On completion, attendees should get a good understanding of the market and how floating wind differs from bottom fixed with regards to the components and the various project phases. For more details, see the agenda further down.


ISCED Categories

Offshore and renewable energy