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Dollhouse view of the RRS Discovery virtual experience
Context higher education
Format (mobile) app
Type simulation
End-user learner

Research Vessel Virtual Tour - RRS Discovery



Explore one of the world’s most advanced research vessels from the bridge to the engine room. Along the way you can find out about the labs and equipment on board that enable marine scientists to study and measure the ocean in some of the most remote and challenging environments on the planet.

How to use this resource

The tour uses photographic imaging and 360° scanning technology to enable you to take immersive journeys through the ship to get a feel for what life is like on board. You can zoom in and out and move the image around for a full 360° view and explore hotspots on each deck. Use the icons at the bottom left of the screen (on desktop) to select your view and how you want to navigate. Choose to follow the camera as it guides you around, or take control and explore every corner. The models also work on mobile devices and offer a VR experience using Google Cardboard.

ISCED Categories

Logistics and shipping management
Machinery and operators
Navigation and seamanship


National Oceanography Centre, UK
National Oceanography Centre, UK


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