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Environmental Industry Access Course

organised by RIGHT
14 November 2021 - 31 January 2022
Glenrothes, GB
Organized by Fife Council

This bespoke programme is being designed to support individuals to prepare for sectoral elements that will encourage an awareness of environmental changes at a time when climate change and renewable energy is gaining major global attention. 

This combined programme will focus on the successful applicant and interview of potential jobs, as well as offering relevant work placement training and industry experience.  It will prepare unemployed individuals to develop an understanding about the environmental changes affecting the UK and what opportunities exist to encourage industry awareness to meet the recruitment standard of the various employers looking to recruit.  You will have the opportunity of a guaranteed job interview post training.

Expected outcomes for learners

  • Experience and certificated training
  • Placement in Local company
  • Opportunity to progress to a Modern Apprenticeship

Expected outcomes for SME's

  • Work ready candidates
  • Training & Recruitment Incentives

Essential criteria

  • Able to travel to work placement
  • Committed for the duration of work placement
  • Excellent time keeping and attendance
  • Flexible and hard working
  • Working as part of a team
  • Good communication skills
  • Physically fit
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions
  • Willing to learn

Qualifications gained

Phase 1 training - Emergency First Aid at Work, Health & Safety Training Certificates in Manual Handling, Asbestos Awareness and Labourers CSCS Card; PTS Personal Track Safety (including AC (Overhead Wire) and DCCR (Third Rail).

Phase 2 training: the second phase of training is a bespoke element, and only relevant upon successful completion of all phase 1, covers the following:

Rope Access Level 1, GWO and Chainsaw; this will be employer assessed as the programme progresses.

This programme is being financed as a Interreg RIGHT pilot where we seek to assist SME’s to meet skills challenges associated with the Energy transition’.


  • Fife Council
  • 7DC contactors
  • Blue Consortium