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Race to Zero

organised by RIGHT
01 March 2020 - 01 May 2022
Glenrothes, GB
Organized by Fife Council
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Download the app

Race to Zero is an augmented reality game. It’s aimed at school-aged users between 12 and 16, to help them understand the different approaches to problem solving, business and the environment.

The game will ask the young people to make a sequence of decisions, which takes their community to a Zero Carbon energy use, happy population, as well as being economically stable. Each session is approximately 40 minutes, ensuring it fits within class time.

Expected outcomes for learners

  • Better Awareness of The Blue and Energy Sectors in the local economy
  • Understanding of innovation and how this can be applied and commercialized
  • Focus on the importance of sustainability in green recovery.
  • Long term, Embed enterprise and Innovation skills into curriculum, Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Understanding of themes such as, innovation, sustainable growth and sustainable development.
  • Awareness of interconnectivity of sectors, economy as an ecosystem, connectivity between land and sea, supply chains, value chains.
  • Displaying digital technologies such as augmented reality, inspiring digital skills and awareness of technology among young people.

Expected outcomes for SME's

  • Awareness of Job and career roles in the Blue and energy sector
  • Stronger partnerships between education, SME’s, and the regional authority (triple helix)
  • Exposure and awareness local companies to learners.


  • Fife Council
  • Education, Business Technology Solutions
  • Harmony Studios