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Master of Professional Science (Ocean Exploration Science)

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Cost $63,000 ($2,100 PER CREDIT, 30 CREDITS)

Ocean Exploration Science (OESC)

Exploration Science is the applied practice and study of field research using a variety of methods, technologies, and approaches to drive question-based marine scientific endeavors. This field fosters scientific inquiry and the application of expedition skills within a context that acknowledges the cultural and ethical implications of exploration. As scientific endeavors become more specialized, many projects require hundreds of hours of hands-on research. Exploration Science combines scientific research theory and field skills with an outreach and educational platform that allows the general public, young and old, to join University of Miami research scientists for experiential and virtual expeditions in ecological, oceanographic, aviation and diving research.

This new track is being offered at RSMAS in partnership with UM's Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy. The Abess Center fosters innovative, interdisciplinary initiatives that bridge the gap between science and environmental policy.

Structural components
Ship training
Industry partners
Internship/Workplace experience
Practical/Field work

Application procedure

Very detailed/specific application procedure. Please see attached additional source on the process.

Grant opportunities

Numerous scholarships and grants available. Please see attached additional source on the available opportunities.

Learning outcomes

Utilizing new technologies to engage and educate the public, Exploration Science students will be involved in citizen science project design, exploration technology applications, and field-based skills training, while receiving essential background information on the history, ethics and risks related to exploration. Students will be able to tailor their degree to best fit their interests and goals and will be prepared to lead and conduct professional exploration initiatives and expeditions in a variety of environments.


The University of Miami requires a minimum GRE score of 297  (verbal + quantitative only) and a United States GPA of 3.0+ for graduate program consideration. Applicants are also expected to complete the analytical writing portion of the GRE.  Only the first reported scores (GRE and GPA) submitted at the time of application submission will be considered for admissions. Please read GRE & GPA requirements for merit-based tuition waiver consideration on our Financing your Education page.


  1. Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.)

ISCED Categories

Policy and governance
Conservation and environmental management
Marine spatial planning
Coastal and marine tourism