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Маркетинг и управление на хотелиерството и туризма (Marketing and Management of Hospitality and Tourism )

Short-cycle tertiary education (ISCED 2011 level 5)


Duration 6 semesters
Cost 1500 EUR per year for 2021/22 academic year

The program prepares highly qualified specialists with established market thinking and offers modern knowledge in marketing and tourism management, meeting the needs of the Bulgarian and world tourism market. During the training period students acquire important theoretical knowledge in economics, accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, information technology, business communication and others. The educational program also includes a variety of specialized modules that help develop students' ability to think critically and analyze all functional areas of marketing and management and build teamwork, decision making, planning, communication, presentation, organizational culture and creative thinking.

Structural components
Internship/Workplace experience
Practical/Field work
Language training

ISCED Categories

Coastal and marine tourism