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Туризм (Tourism )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost 2300 USD

The purpose of the educational and professional program: Formation and development of general and professional competencies in the field of tourism, aimed at acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities of successful work in the field of tourist services and allow him to be environmentally responsible, socially mobile and in demand in the labor market

Graduates of the program are specialists in the tourism industry, well prepared for qualified technical, analytical work and to perform special work related to the application of knowledge in the tourism industry in accordance with the acquired specialty.
Employment at enterprises of any organizational and legal form. Specialists are preparing for organizational and managerial, economic, commercial and research activities in the field of tourism, hospitality, restaurant service, resort business

- Instructor-methodologist in tourism
- Travel consultants and tour operators
- Guide
- Instructor of health and sports tourism (by type
- Organizer of trips (excursions)
- Organizer of tourist and hotel activities
- Specialist in rural tourism development
- Specialist in travel services
- Conference service specialist
- Leisure specialist
- Specialist in specialized services
- Tourist security specialist
- Other technical specialists in the field of management
- Inspector of Tourism
- Tourism agents:
Tourism organization agent
Office Worker (Travel)

Structural components
Practical/Field work

ISCED Categories

Coastal and marine tourism