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Екологічна безпека (Ecological safety )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 3 semesters
Entry level Bachelor
Cost 900 USD

The program focuses on the training of highly qualified specialists in environmental safety, who acquire special competencies in the systematic analysis of environmental quality and sources of environmental safety and the development and implementation of technologies for environmental safety

Graduates are eligible for the following positions:
- state inspector for environmental protection,
- head of the environmental protection service,
- head of the division of the enterprise, institution, organization in the field of ecology and environmental protection, teacher of higher education,
- consultant in public authorities,
- customs inspector,
- technologist,
- Researcher,
- head of the laboratory,
- teacher of higher education

Structural components
Internship/Workplace experience
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work

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