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Deck Officer Class 1 (Fishing)



Course format On-site
Date 2022-04-18 - 2022-07-15
Duration 12 weeks
Cost £2,420 OR Non Scottish candidate fee – £4,100

This is a 12 week course exam preparation course for the MCA Class 1 Deck Officer written exams.

What you will experience

Navigation 1 – Celestial Navigation, Ocean Passage Planning
Navigation 2 – Radar Plotting, Electronic Navigation
Ship Construction and Stability
Safety and Management

To obtain the Certificate of Competency, candidates are required to complete additional short courses including Medical Care, Navigation Control Course/NAEST Management, Advanced Fire Fighting and sit an MCA oral examination.


Candidates must have 12 months in fishing vessels of over 12m length operating in unlimited waters


6 months in fishing vessels of over 12m in length operation in unlimited waters


12 months in fishing vessels of over 12m in length operation in limited waters OR at least 2 years in fishing vessels operating in limited waters and at the discretion of the Chief Examiner (see MSF434)

It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that all entry requirements for the course and the issue of a Notice of Eligibility (NoE) by the MCA are met, including seafarers vision test or ENG1


ISCED Categories

Navigation and seamanship