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Workshop "Digital transformation: skills for the Shipbuilding and Offshore Renewable Energy sectors"

Experts meeting
MATES Pilot Experiences and Training materials
15 June 2021


This workshop aims to analyze and discuss the outcomes of two pilot experiences focused on digital skills that were carried out in the framework of MATES and were addressed to maritime professionals. The first pilot integrated a series of short courses on Digital & Data Skills for the maritime industry, and intended to provide an initial experience of the basic digital technologies that power modern industry 4.0. The second pilot consisted of two MOOCs aiming to provide basic knowledge for individuals who aim to or are working within the naval/maritime sector but had a different background. This pilot intended to highlight how emergent or existing digital technologies are shaping the future of the shipbuilding and naval industries.

We intend to gather key stakeholder and experts in the shipbuilding, offshore renewable energy and digital domains, whose opinions and insights are considered to be crucial to the discussions. It will also be a chance to shape the next stage of the project in which the recommendations for the Skills Strategy for the Maritime Industry will be presented to the European Commission.