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Marin vandbygning 2 (Marine Structures 2 )



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-31 - 2020-12-08

General course objectives

To learn how to assess the interaction between marine and coastal structures with seabed and coasts, including erosion issues associated with offshore and coastal structures. To select and design structures to account for these effects, including scour protection, coastal protection system and effect of sand nourishment. Examples on how complex erosions and coastal problems are solved and best alternatives are chosen.


Scour around marine structures including offshore wind turbine foundations, pipelines etc. Full description of flow and scour processes. Design of scour protection for pipelines and monopiles. Coastal protection methods, hard as well as soft, land reclamation and use of recent literature


Recommended prerequisites

41102 Hydrodynamics 1, 41111 Hydrodynamics 2, 41312 Basic fluid mechanics, 41107 Marine and ocean engineering, It would be an advantage to have taken: 41126 Fluvial and Marine Sediment Transport

Learning outcomes

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

  • describe scour around marine structures including offshore wind turbine foundations, pipelines, etc.
  • describe coastal protection measures and interaction with the surrounding coasts
  • perform calculations of scour around pipelines and piles.
  • design scour protection for pipelines and piles
  • perform analysis of edge scour
  • perform analyses of coastal protection measures and land reclamation.
  • take on assignments in any project related to flow around and forces on marine structures, including scour and coastal protection.
  • write technical reports/posters and presentations on the latter.


ISCED Categories

Environmental protection technology
Near- and offshore constructions