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Diploma in Scientific Studies (Earth & Ocean Sciences)

Short-cycle tertiary education (ISCED 2011 level 5)


Cost EU applicants - €990 p.a. , Non-EU applicants - €1,490 p.a.

Course Overview

The Diploma in Scientific Studies (Earth & Ocean Sciences) aims to provide students with a broad introduction to the study of the Earth’s solid geology and its coastal ocean, with hands-on, practical experience of the techniques employed within the fields of geology, oceanography, and Earth observation.

The course will appeal to those with an interest in our natural environment and the outdoors. It may be professionally beneficial for geography teachers, environmental scientists, engineers, archaeologists.

Course Outline

The course will use online lectures and practical exercises, as well as weekend workshops and field trips (one per module), to study the Earth’s origins, materials and processes at all scales from the atomic to the planetary level; internal and external; and locally, nationally, and internationally.

One module will deal with our coastal ocean, examining the interaction of geology, ground- and surface water, and the marine environment. Another will focus on Earth observation and remote sensing, and how these are used to help understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes acting on the Earth’s surface.

A common theme throughout will be the interaction of people with the planet we inhabit. Fieldtrips (within Ireland) are an integral part of the course.

Course Content – Year 1

  • Planet Earth
  • Earth Materials
  • Our Coastal Ocean

Course Content – Year 2

  • Geology of Ireland
  • The Peopled Planet
  • Observing Earth
Structural components
Practical/Field work
Research Project

Application procedure

Please visit our How to Apply page for Application tips and Supporting Documents information.

ISCED Categories

Conservation and environmental management
Marine Geology
Physical and chemical oceanography