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Short-cycle tertiary education (ISCED 2011 level 5)


Cost $400.00

Course Description: This course has been designed for Masters, Officers, Crew personnel responsible for passengers’ safe embarkation and disembarkation during an emergency, as well as ashore Emergency Response team members. Through a number of real-life scenarios and drills/practical exercises, participants will learn how to retain control during critical situations, how to establish effective communication and understand human behavior during an emergency.

Course Objectives: Upon course completion, students will learn how to: • Organize shipboard emergency procedures in synchronicity with office’s emergency response team; • Act based on Ship design & layout, emergency plans & safety procedures; • Utilize resources in an optimum way; • Learn from onboard drills and prevent recurrence; • Control all elements of hull integrity & cargo safety; • Safely control personnel and passengers during an emergency; • Organize the safe movement of passengers and vehicles during embarkation and disembarkation; • Monitor and control atmosphere in ships’ cargo spaces, e.g. Ro-Ro ships.

Course Requirements : USCG, STCW-95 Endorsement STCW Code Section VII, VIII and IMO Model Course I.29.

Written Exam: A minimum written test score of 70% is required.

Certification approved by STCW/USCG: Upon training & exams completion, participants will receive a TSU Maritime Certificate of Training, valid for 5 years.

Location: TSU Campus or clients’ premises (* subject to USCG/NMC approval)

ISCED Categories

Maritime security