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Diploma in Marine Biology

Short-cycle tertiary education (ISCED 2011 level 5)


Duration 2 semesters
Cost 11.300 €

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• To study the lifecycles of fish, emphasizing physiological and anatomical adaptations to different aquatic habitats: fish diversity and distribution, physiology of swimming, osmoregulation, respiration, diet and digestion, reproduction and larval development;
• To introduce the cultivation of aquatic organisms based on the biological and technological requirements of individual species: production of young fish, genetics, diet, fish nutrition and health;
• To undertake a laboratory or fieldwork project on aspects relevant to research on topics of aquatic and marine biology;
• To describe Arctic environments and study the physiological adaptations of Arctic animals to extreme environments (may include a 14-day expedition with experimental studies);

• To provide an introduction to biotechnological research, biotechnological applications and new technologies.

ISCED Categories

Conservation and environmental management