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New Zealand Diploma in Environmental Management (Level 6), Marine Strand

Short-cycle tertiary education (ISCED 2011 level 5)


Duration 2 semesters
Cost $19,950

Continue your studies in marine science in the Bay of Plenty's awesome outdoor environment. This level 6 diploma will set you up with more in-depth skills and knowledge and lead you into advanced study to gain your degree.

You'll build on your level 5 course knowledge of marine biology as well as study new fields such as freshwater ecology, and continue your learning in a choice of elective papers such as aquaculture, biosecurity, coral reef ecology and monitoring, PADI instructors, scientific diving or marine tourism.

This course has a strong focus on research, and environmental reporting and monitoring, meaning you get the opportunity to work alongside industry and apply your skills in real-world surveying, sampling and monitoring projects. You also learn how to design research and manage data, and understand the regulatory environment.

Depending on your choice of subjects, you could be taking off to remote offshore islands such as Tuhua or Slipper, or even Papua New Guinea* to study unique environments, monitor ecosystems or survey indigenous species. Have a look at the awesome field trips our students have taken over the last few years.

Environmental sustainability is crucial to our global decision-making. Sharp, enthusiastic graduates, who understand marine environments and how they are influenced by human activities, are essential to support informed environmental management now and in the future.

ISCED Categories

Conservation and environmental management