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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences: BS

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost $18,146.85

Utah State University is the only university in the state with a college devoted to the study of natural resources, and the fisheries and aquatic science program is one of the few programs in the nation where students have the opportunity to focus on freshwater fish populations. Fisheries and aquatic scientists understand the biology of rivers, lakes, and wetlands. The program highlights the ecology of freshwater and marine systems, management of important fisheries, restoration of riparian and wetland areas, and protection of the plant and animal communities in lakes and rivers.

Students of fisheries and aquatic sciences learn the skills necessary to understand and manage freshwater fish populations. This major also includes an understanding of the relationships among physical, chemical, and biological components of aquatic ecosystems. Graduates of this program may go on to work as scientists and managers for state and federal natural resource agencies, researchers, or as professionals for environmental consulting firms, nonprofit environmental firms, and water-based industries.

Students may use their electives to explore interests in policy or water law, environmental history or ethics, oceanography, or genetics.

Structural components

ISCED Categories

Conservation and environmental management