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Maritime HTO (Human-Technology-Organisation) and Innovation



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-11 - 2020-12-15

Course content

The course includes present and future maritime trends and challenges within the following dimensions;


  • The human element in the maritime domain.
  • Trends and future challenges for the maritime human individual.


  • Definitions and applications of maritime technologies.
  • Technological development and future trends in the maritime domain.


  • Organisational structure in the maritime domain.
  • Trends and future challenges for maritime organisations.


  • Innovation and new business models in the maritime domain.
  • Drivers and barriers for radical innovation in the maritime domain. 

Individual Project

  • The student will be given a final assignment to write a manuscript based on the module topics covered in the course and connected to their own PhD project.


The course is compulsory for maritime Ph.D students, and may also be taken as a singular course.

Learning outcomes


The candidate

  • has advanced knowledge of the HTO dimension in the maritime domain,
  • has advanced knowledge of innovation and new business models,
  • can evaluate the related challenges and opportunities of HTO and innovation in the maritime domain.


The candidate can:

  • handle complex academic issues involving requirements for HTO and innovation in the maritime domain,
  • propose, carry out and evaluate maritime research projects of a high international standard in accordance with HTO and innovation requirements,
  • critically examine the maritime HTO and innovation issues in order to identify the related viability and limitations.


The candidate can:

  • identify and understand the limitations and possibilities of maritime HTO and innovation,
  • describe and manage the complex relationship between maritime HTO and innovation,
  • develop and carry out new research projects in the international maritime domain,
  • communicate new knowledge of maritime research and development projects.


ISCED Categories

Machinery and operators