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Production Technology in Aquaculture



Course format On-site
Date 2021-01-04 - 2021-06-25

Course contents:

The course gives a general survey of production technology for aquatic organisms, with focus on intensive farming where Norwegian salmon farming is used as an example. Knowledge is given in production of broodstock, juvenile and ongrowing. The students will be given an overview of central working operations, site selection, maintenance, production hygiene and regulation for juvenile and ongrowing production. There will be lectures in production planning and making of production plans, including evaluation and optimizing of plans, in addition to a survey of investments and running cost for major technical equipment. The students shall make their own production plans for respectively juvenile and ongrowing farms through two exercises, including common routines and major working operations. Lectures will also be including production management, production control, design of production control systems and routines for deviation. A main aim with the course will be overall and practical understanding of the production.


AQT254 or equal.

Recommended prerequisites:

AQT 251, AQF200 or AQX 251

Learning outcomes

  • Have general knowledge in production of aquatic organisms, with focus of salmonids.
  • Know how to produce broodstock, juvenile and adult fish
  • Know how to evaluate and optimize the most important working operations on a juvenile and ongrowing farm.
  • Knowledge to make a production plan for a juvenile and ongrowing farm.
  • Know which factors are important to optimize the production on a juvenile and ongrowing farm.
  • Know which factors affect the production velocity, how they may be changed, and what are the effects of this.
  • Know procedures for season independent smolt production.
  • Know how to perform site evaluations and know site selection criteria.
  • Know how to prepare documents for production control and propose efforts with deviation.
  • Be able to prepare working plans for smolt production and ongrowing production farms.
  • Know maintenance routines/plans for smolt production and ongrowing production.
  • Be able to estimate investment and running cost for main components in smolt and ongrowing farms.
  • Know laws and regulations that have affect on the production planning.


ISCED Categories

Machinery and operators