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Stochastic Theory of Sealoads



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

Course content

Transformation of random variables. Monte Carlo simulation. Probability distributions for response. Parameter-estimation. Extreme-value statistics. Stochastic processes. Auto- and cross-correlation functions. Spectra and cross-spectra. Differentiation of stochastic processes. Excitation-response of stochastic processes. Response-statistics.

Learning outcomes

  • To demonstrate detailed knowledge of the basic principles and methods which are used to describe stochastic processes with the emphasis on the applications to sealoads and motions of marine systems.
  • To show detailed knowledge of statistical methods and of the basis for description of stochastic processes. This includes detailed knowledge of the topics given in the academic content.
  • To be able to make simple calculations of stochastic loads on and responses of marine structures.
  • To document mastering of the concepts and terminology which are used in statistical methods and for description of stochastic processes and how this is applied in marine technology.


Recommended previous knowledge

TMA4240/45 Statistics, TMR4247 Marine Technology - Hydrodynamics, TMR4182 Marine Dynamics or equivalent.


ISCED Categories