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Navigation Systems



Course format On-site
Date 2021-01-11 - 2021-05-07

The course gives the fundamental framework and applications of modern global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and inertial navigation systems (INS). The course gives an overview of satellite based radio navigation systems such as: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU, the basics of receiver design, wave propagation in the atmosphere, the geodetic fundamentals of navigation and positioning, reference- and coordinate systems and computational methods for navigation and positioning on the surface of the earth. This course is designed for MTEL / MIEL (Electronics), but can also be joined by other students with special interest in navigation and positioning, e.g students of Communication Technology, Technical Cybernetics, Marine Technology and Geomatics.


Recommended previous knowledge

Knowledge of electrical engineering fundamentals, mathematics, statistics and fundamentals of electronics, corresponding to a B.Sc. in electrical and electronics engineering. Signal processing and parameter estimation.

Learning outcomes

The course will introduce the students to principles and requirements in electronics, signal processing, wave propagation and system technology that are fundamental to the design and use of modern navigation systems.


  1. The candidate has knowledge of geodetic reference systems, coordinate transformations and map projections.
  2. The candidate has detailed knowledge of the concepts of satellite based radio navigation systems.
  3. The candidate has detailed knowledge of the concepts of inertial navigation systems.
  4. The candidate has knowledge of estimation techniques (e.g. Kalman filter) for integration of various navigation sensors in an optimal navigation system.


  • The candidate can analyze navigation calculations with corresponding error propagation, error detection, integrity monitoring and quality control.
  • The candidate can combine knowledge in mathematics, statistics and programming in order to solve fundamental navigation equations with satellite- and inertial navigation systems.


  • The candidate can use computer tools (e.g. MATLAB/Python) to implement basic algorithms to integrate satellite- and inertial navigation systems.


ISCED Categories

Machinery and operators
Navigation and seamanship