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Maritime English - Language and Communication



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

Course content

  • Maritime communication
  • Standard Marine Communication Phrases
  • General ship knowledge
  • Basic ship engineering
  • Navigation
  • Safety
  • Documents
  • Correspondence


Admission to a programme of study is required:

  • Nautical Studies (353MN)

Learning outcomes


  • In-depth knowledge of maritime English according to relevant sections of STCW II / 1 and II / 2 and STCW Code A-II / 1 Function "Operational Level Navigation"
  • Knowledge of English vocational terminology in areas covered by maritime activities in addition to general competence in English language
  • Knowledge of the subject areas covered in academic and curriculum texts in the subject
  • Knowledge of how to write letters and reports within the domain of maritime communication
  • Knowledge of how to perform administrative tasks and tasks related to safety procedures.


  • Be able to use written and oral English pertaining to the maritime profession both in letters, reports and presentations
  • Be able to find, understand, evaluate and make use of English academic texts and articles
  • Be able to create and give a presentation on a chosen or given topic
  • Be able to take on a role on the bridge in the simulator and communicate with others appropriately using relevant terminology


  • Insight into the importance of language in terms of security and administrative tasks
  • The ability to convey professional information both in writing and orally
  • The ability to exchange views and experiences with others with a maritime background and thus contribute to the development of good practice


ISCED Categories

Personal skills and communication
Navigation and seamanship