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Marine Geotechnical Engineering



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

Marine soil investigations, skirted foundations, anchoring, piles, slope stability, cyclic loadings.


Recommended previous knowledge

TBA 4105 Geotechnics, Design Methods.
TBA 4110 Geotechnics, Material Properties.
TBA 4115 Geotechnics, Structures.

Learning outcomes


The candidate should have knowledge of:

  • Equipment and standard soil investigation methods in use offshore
  • Geotechnical problems related to offshore oil exploration and production
  • Calculation procedures relevant for foundations, piles and anchors subjected to cyclic loading


The candidate is able to:

  • Evaluate and make use of a standard report of marine site investigations
  • Identify geotechnical problems in a project
  • Estimate the capacities of foundations, piles and anchors for given design parameters for the soil at hand

General competence:

The candidate can:

  • Communicate with designers in Marine Soil Mechanics
  • Communicate with operators and designers in adjacent fields of Offshore Engineering
  • Work within a group specialising in Marine Soil Mechanics


ISCED Categories

Marine Geology
Machinery and operators