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Marine Control Systems, Specialization Course



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

Two modules of 3.75 ECTS each shall be selected. At least one module shall be taken from Department of Marine technology. The most relevant modules for this specialization study (FDE) are:

  • Advanced model-based design and testing of marine control systems (3.75 ECTS),
  • Autonomous marine operations and systems (3.75 ECTS)
  • Underwater robotics in safe and autonomous subsea operations (3.75 ECTS)
  • Dynamic analysis of marine structures (3.75 ECTS),
  • Experimental methods in marine hydrodynamics (3.75 ECTS),
  • Marine mechatronics (3.75),
  • Integrated dynamic analysis of wind turbines (3.75 ECTS),
  • Ship design for ice operations (3.75 ECTS).

At the Department of Engineering Cybernetics are several other relevant modules that can be selected. The choice of modules depends upon the selected specialisation and is to be approved by the project thesis supervisor (or the faculty in charge).

It is also possible to select relevant courses at UNIS such as AT334 as substitute for 2 modules.


Admission to a programme of study is required:

  • Engineering and ICT (MTING)
  • Marine Technology (MIMART)
  • Marine Technology (MSN1)
  • Marine Technology (MTMART)
Recommended previous knowledge

Good understanding within marine technology and control theory. Relevant marine technology disciplines/areas are hydrodynamics, marine structures, marine engineering, underwater technology and/or operations.

Required previous knowledge

The course is only accessible for students admitted to the Master programmes in Marine Technology and Engineering and ICT.

Learning outcomes

This subject aims at giving in-depth knowledge of problems relevant for marine control systems.


ISCED Categories

Scientific modelling
Offshore and renewable energy
Machinery and operators
Naval engineering