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Biología Marina (Degree in Marine Biology )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 10 semesters
Cost 3400 first year, 3150 the following years

In 1953, the University Council of the University of Chile determined the creation of a Marine Biology course under the Faculty of Philosophy and Education and by Decree No. 9203, approved the Curriculum leading to the professional title of Marine Biologist. The subjects were taught in that same Faculty in Santiago and the subjects of the specialty of the higher courses were taught at the Marine Biology Station of the same university, in Montemar, Viña del Mar, current Faculty of Marine Sciences and Natural Resources. The first director and creator of the race was Dr. Parmenio Yáñez Andrade. This race was taught until 1972; then in 1988 he reopened his enrollment as a University of Valparaíso.
In a country that has an extensive maritime territory like ours, with a diversity of marine ecosystems, such as subtropical, polar and insular areas, ranging from the coast to great depths, requires Marine Biologists with solid knowledge in the discipline and trained to participate in research oriented towards sustainable conservation and management of this natural heritage. The availability and proximity of highly qualified teachers, who attend students in a personalized way, mark our seal, together with an integral formation that develops in a privileged natural environment, which allows studying marine species in their habitat. Our graduates will be able to continue postgraduate studies and / or join the world of work, based on the professional skills they have developed during their training. In addition, they can develop teaching and research activities in public and private institutions, professional advice to the aquaculture and fisheries productive sector, NGOs and international organizations and even participate in enterprises related to the sector.

Structural components
Internship/Workplace experience
Practical/Field work
Language training
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Project management
Personal skills and communication
Marine and maritime law
Conservation and environmental management
Physical and chemical oceanography
Scientific modelling