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Design of Ocean Space Structures



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

Structure design is, in this course, defined as design of load bearing structures Offshore.

The subject aims to teach the students to do design load bearing structures, with respect of dimensions and material quality.

Key words: analysis, drawings, etc. for fabrication, assembly, erection, maintenance and inspection.

This structures design course focus on structural steel as construction material

  • Module 1 :
    • Introduction to -Offshore Structures
  • Module 2 :
    • NORSOK Overview
    • Material selections
    • Terms, definition ( Design class I, II, ... etc.)
    • Overview load conditions (ULS, FLS, ALS)
  • Module 3 :
    • Design of steel structures according to NORSOK and Eurocode.
    • Plated, trusses and frame structural elements
    • Design of bolted and welded joints
  • Module 4:
    • Practical 3D CAD exercises with supervision
  • Module 5:
    • Practical analysis exercises with supervision

Learning outcomes


  • Knowledge of design codes - Norsok Eurocode
  • Basic knowledge of global structures both floating, fixed and subsea structures.


  • Basic skills in material selections, hand calculations and in use of 3D CAD and analysis software
  • Find practical solutions and do documentation of secondary and outfitting steel structures with respect of static loads.

General competence:

  • Be in able to participate in professional discussions regarding structural solutions in interaction with other disciplines as an individual and as a part of a structural team.
  • Has a good basic understanding of structural behavior and is in able to make good structural design solutions.


ISCED Categories

Near- and offshore constructions