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Biodiversity and Conservation Biology I



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

The course gives an introduction to terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity and conservation biology, and common methods to conserve the environment and the biological diversity. Central aspects are biodiversity through history, the value of biodiversity, human effects on biodiversity, and the theoretical foundations for and empirical examples of conservation biology.


Admission to a programme of study is required:

  • Naval Architecture (850MD)
  • Naval Architecture (850ME)
  • Product and System Design (840MD)
  • Product and System Design (845ME)
Recommended previous knowledge

Risk Management of demanding marine operations

Learning outcomes

The candidate will obtain knowledge and understanding of:

  • Patterns and processes in biodiversity
  • The values of biodiversity
  • The threats to biodiversity
  • Different methods within conservation biology


The candidate will be skilled in:

  • Using and communicating the subject in written form
  • Finding information and facts about the subject, and compiling those facts in a critical way
  • The central concepts and methods

General competence:

The candidate will obtain competence on:

  • The subject and its role in the society
  • Accessing, compiling and communicating facts on biodiversity and conservation biology


ISCED Categories

Conservation and environmental management