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Marine Ecosystem Dynamics



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-31 - 2020-10-04
Entry level Bachelor
Cost 17500 SEK

To counteract known and future environmental problems knowledge of ecological interactions and effects of human activity is needed.

The course provides a broad overview of the theoretical, practical and applied aspects of the ecosystem dynamics in the marine environment. This is done in favor of a greater focus on theoretical and practical background of ecosystem dynamics, marine environmental monitoring and practical applications.


Knowledge equivalent to a Bachelor degree in Biology with a minimun of 7,5 credits in ecology. Swedish upper secondary school course English B/English 6 or equivalent. Information about entry requirements on

Learning outcomes

After the course, students are expected to:

  • Select appropriate methods for addressing particular questions based on field and experimental data
  • describe the response of marine ecosystems to environmental changes
  • describe how ecological theory describes the interplay among organisms and their environment
  • describe how long-term environmental monitoring programs are designed and conducted
  • describe how monitoring results are used by the society and in research
  • present the results for an environmental authority and the propose appropriate decisions and actions for asustainable environment.


ISCED Categories