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European Marine Directives and Policies - an Interdisciplinary Perspective



Course format On-site
Date 2021-01-18 - 2021-03-24

For YOU interested in governance, management and biology of marine and coastal areas.

The aim of this course is to give an overview of the contents and requirement of EU marine environmental directives and policies, from legal, social and environmental perspectives.

Directives and policies covered includes the EU Intergraded Maritime policy, Common fisheries policy (CFP), the Species and habitats directive (SHD), the Water framework directive (WFD), and the marine spatial framework directive (MSFD).

Form of teaching: Lectures, exercises, discussions, and individual and group reports.

The course may be taken as an elective course within a wide range of master programs at the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law and Economy, Faculty of Social Science.

The course date is approximate. The course is not given as a stand-alone course this academic year, but can be included in the program/course package. For information contact the department.

Grant opportunities

EU/EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students do not pay fees. More information on:

Learning outcomes

After completion of the course the student is expected to be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Describe the purpose and structure the major EU directives
  • Identify main knowledge requirement for the different directives
  • Identify main actors and users i relation to the different directives
  • Explain the concept of ecosystem-based, adaptive and integrated coastal zone management and how they are implemented in EU directives

Competence and skills

  • Illustrate how reference levels and a classification of environmental states can be formulated
  • Design monitoring programmes suitable for the different directives
  • Analyse how results from monitoring programmes can be used to assess the state,e.g. Good environmental status or Favourable conservation status
  • Propose a programme of measures for the different directives

Judgement and approach

  • Discuss and evaluate how the directives affect different sectors of the society
  • Assess how current programmes of measures match the requirements of the directives
  • Discuss and evaluate how the different directives implement an ecosystem-basedmanagement and a sustainable use of marine resources

The course is sustainability-focused, which means that at least one of the learningoutcomes clearly shows that the course content meets at least one of the University ofGothenburg’s confirmed sustainability criteria. The content also constitutes the course'smain focus.


ISCED Categories

Policy and governance
Conservation and environmental management