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DOP: Definition of New Occupational Profiles

02 December 2019
Vigo, ES

The main aim of this PE is to deliver a document which defines the new occupations emerging from the expected modernization of the shipbuilding sector and the evolving technologies in offshore renewable energy (ORE) sector, based on ESCO Occupational Profiles (OPs).


The specific objectives are:

  • Update relevant ESCO descriptors for the occupations primarily related with shipbuilding and ORE sectors (identified in the MATES baseline report), including essential and complementary skills required for a better adaptation to a data driven and greener industry.
  • Define the new occupations expected to emerge in the following decade, transferring to the ESCO community the results of the foresight exercise conducted by MATES project (future scenarios)
  • Elaboration of protocol to facilitate the transfer of inputs from external expert groups to the ESCO community. Lessons learnt from the MATES experience and recommendations will be transferred to the ESCO board, in order to facilitate the use of this methodology with other projects.

Contact Person: Lucía Fraga (