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Bachelor in Law of the Sea and Customs Services

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 10 semesters
Cost Not specificed

This career provides a humanistic and legal training specialized in maritime rules and customs services in general. This race professional acts in accordance with legal and ethical precepts; He is aware of the ethical dimension of the legal profession as well as social responsibility of the lawyer; promote policies and procedures of legal certainty of aquatic activity, dominates the administrative and legal processes, adapting to scientific and regulatory changes in their specialty.

Skills and Job Opportunities

It may be incorporated in the private field, creating his own office and customs advisory services consulting; support services to justice; services conciliation, arbitration, good offices, negotiation; or participation in commercial private organizations such as corporations and other forms and business organization or nonprofit, such as foundations and ONG's.

In the public field, in units of public administration, at government level, decentralized agencies or autonomous constitutional bodies.

In the business, and commercial field creating new businesses, too, solving the problems of the various areas of the company and Foreign Trade.

In the international arena, whether in international business or the public course in international public bodies.

In politics, organization and policy advice organizations.

On the advice of economic activities: Shipping, fishing, industries, etc.

You can perform research and teaching.

ISCED Categories

Policy and governance
Marine and maritime law