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Master of Science in Coastal Resource Management

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 4 semesters
Cost 23,264.17 (Php)/454.38 ($)

Silliman University Marine Laboratory (SUML) was established as a research facility of the University in 1974, with materials recycled from a torn Science Building in the main campus. Facilities have improved considerably since then, from a one-building unit to four buildings. Today it boasts of a two-storey facility constructed with support from the United States Agency for International Development under its Coastal Resource Management program.

The new building houses four laboratories: marine botany, biochemistry and genetics, invertebrate and vertebrate. It has a modest library, herbarium and zoological museum, conference room, visiting scientists' and administrative offices. There is also a dive shop, flowing seawater/freshwater systems, stand-by generator, experimental ponds and tanks, culture facilities and mangrove garden. IEMS is also equipped with wireless networks available for scientists and students.



To become a global leader in environmental and marine research and education, producing competent and responsible graduates trained within the Christian framework of stewardship.


Specific course information can be found in the course catalog

Structural components
Practical/Field work
Research Project

Application procedure

Admission Procedures and Requirements

  1. Accomplish the online registration form. All applicants are encouraged to review the guidelines before proceeding to online enrollment:
  2. The following documents have to be submitted in both soft and hard formats. The online enrollment system will require most of these documents to be uploaded online (read guidelines: Even as they have already been uploaded to the system, the University requires the following original documents to be mailed to the Registrar:
    1. Form 138 (Senior High School report card) indicating a general average of at least 80%. Applicants to the Nursing and Physical Therapy Programs are required a general average of at least 85%.
    2. (For applicants to the Nursing, Medical Technology and Physical Therapy Programs) Results of the Qualifying Exams
    3. Two statements of good moral character:  (a) one from the previous school attended, and (b) one from a prominent member of the community
    4. One passport size or 2″ x 2″ copy of latest picture
    5. Official copy of birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO)/Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
    6. Physical examination certification issued by a registered physician attesting to the student’s fitness for school. The following tests must be done at the Silliman University Medical Center: chest X-ray, dental and CBC (complete blood count). Those who are unable to undergo these tests during the enrollment period may undertake them within the first week of class.
  3. Pay the down payment of Php6,500. Payment can be done at any of the branches of our partner banks (click to view list: partner banks). These banks will require the ID number of the student to ensure quick posting in our system. This enables our system to credit the amount against the account of the student.For payments made without the ID number, we request that the validated slip be scanned and sent to us, along with a note on (a) name of the student and (b) purpose and/or breakdown of payment, to the Student Accounts Officer at, cc


Graduate Program Applicants

Application Requirements of the University Graduate Programs (in addition to the University Admission Requirements):

  1. Accomplished Graduate Programs Application Form
  2. Accomplished Reference Form
  3. Thesis / Dissertation Concept (Essay)
  4. Application Fee Payment Receipt from the University Business and Finance Office
  5. Transcript of Records


International Applicants

The Office of the Registrar and Admissions evaluates the course credits and eligibility of students who have completed their secondary course or its equivalent in high school, or have earned credits from colleges outside the Philippines.

A transferring foreign student who desires to earn a degree from Silliman University should submit to the Office of the Registrar and Admissions an original copy of his/her complete academic records, together with detailed description of courses taken and credits earned.  A translation in English must accompany the original transcript of records.  The records should be authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post (PFSP) of the applicant’s country of residence.

Those coming from non-English speaking countries and are deficient in the English language are required to take an Intensive Program in English (IPE) equivalent to 18 units in their first semester on campus.

A foreign student (non-immigrant) who is at least eighteen (18) years old applies to the PFSP of his country of residence for a student visa through Silliman University which issues the letter of acceptance.

Application should include:

  • Accomplished online registration form (read online enrollment guidelines:
    Note: There are documents listed below that the online enrollment system does not require to be uploaded as part of an international applicant’s application. These documents must be mailed to the Office of the Registrar and Admissions, along with the rest of which original copies are required.  
  • An original and a duplicate copy of your Transcript of Records authenticated by the PFSP of the applicant’s country of residence.  The authenticated copies must bear the diplomatic red ribbon or Apostille, original signature and seal of the PFSP abroad.
  • A notarized Affidavit of Support with proof of adequate financial support (bank statement) and Letter of Guarantee from sponsoring company/organization from abroad,
  • Birth certificate and photocopy of passport pages showing the name, picture, birth date and birthplace of the applicant
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from:
    • School last attended
    • Police Department from the applicant’s country of residence
  • Admission fee of US $100.00 in money order payable to Silliman University (non-refundable)

Overseas students must also present their immigration papers as well as certificate attesting to their competence to do college work.

Grant opportunities

Information on available grants and scholarships can be found here 

Learning outcomes


  • Provide quality education in marine biology, natural resource management, specifically ICRM and environmental science;
  • Produce graduates with competency in marine science and environmental science, coastal resource management and environmental policy;
  • Undertake basic research in coastal, marine and environmental sciences with emphasis on the shallow coastal ecosystems, such as coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove forests, and soft-bottom communities;
  • Provide laboratory facilities for biological courses of the University;
  • Promote local and international exchange of scientists and students in marine and environmental science;
  • Assist public and private agencies in coastal management training, resource and ecological assessment, marine parks, aquaculture, and pollution studies;
  • Link marine science and humanity;
  • Promote environmental stewardship;
  • Conduct resource and ecological assessments as well as environmental impact studies on proposed and on-going industries; and
  • Provide a marine interpretive facility with nature trails and exhibits.

ISCED Categories

Project management
Personal skills and communication
Policy and governance
Conservation and environmental management
Environmental protection technology
Marine spatial planning
Coastal and marine tourism