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Master in Maritime Economics and Logistics

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 2 semesters
Entry level Bachelor
Cost €26300

The MSc in Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) aims at fast-tracking promising young professionals into tomorrow's leaders in business and government.

The programme prepares experts with modern economic and management tools for efficient decision-making, providing them at the same time with methods; concepts; and theories to enable them to understand and analyse, in a holistic and multidisciplinary way, the complexities of global maritime supply chains. In this way, MEL graduates are expected to be able to act and make decisions, with managerial style and determination, under complex and uncertain conditions, in a global economic and societal environment.

Target audience

The MEL Programme is open to candidates from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Candidates need to have earned a bachelor's degree. Professional experience in the field of Maritime Economics and Logistics is a distinctive advantage in the selection process, while the combination of both an educational and professional background is ideal.

Education objectives

Understand, analyse and appraise:

  • the role of the MEL sector(s) in the economy, trade, society and welfare;
  • the interconnectedness, implications and impacts of stakeholder decision-making along the global maritime supply chain.

Analyse and critically assess theories and trends in Maritime Economics and Logistics.

Structural components
Research Project

Application procedure

Four components are required for the online application to the MEL master. These components are:

  • Filled in MEL application form 
  • A relevant bachelor or (exceptionally) equivalent professional experience
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the English language
  • Two letters of recommendation 

All components are further clarified at the admission requirements page of the MEL websiteOpens external.

Should you wish to apply then you can do so by sending us the following documents by using the online application formOpens external.

ISCED Categories

Project management
Maritime economy
Logistics and shipping management